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Spanking is a common fetish with up to 70 percent of British women admitting to enjoying being spanked or spanking their partner. Spanking is considered a low-level form of BDSM and one which many couples are happy to experiment with. Either with a firm slap of the buttock with an open hand during sex or as part of foreplay over a knee with either a hand, paddle or whip, spanking brings a little bit of naughtiness into the bedroom without being too full on in the way that some sexual fetishes can be to the uninitiated.

Spanking is definitely the most common introduction into the world of kinky sex, BDSM and roleplay and is a great way to gently explore the more diverse world of fetish sex.

Why do people enjoy spanking?

For some it’s about domination. For others its about the endorphins released with pain and pleasure combined. Some fans of S&M and Sigmund Freud will say their sexual interests come from being punished as a child, while many more will say they were never physically disciplined as a child. Exactly why people enjoy spanking appears to vary from person to person. The most scientific explanation comes from this article:

Biologically, when a person enjoys a sexual act, their brain releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter that heats up the brain's reward and pleasure centers. So, if someone enjoys being spanked or doing the spanking, the dopamine release signals to the brain to continue.

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